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Thumbnail Blaster Review Conclusion

I made this Thumbnail Blaster review to help you out saving time on one of the most important parts of posting videos online, and that is creating video thumbnails that make people want to make to click! Attention-grabbing thumbnails have a major impact on CTR (Click-Through-Rate). However, creating a mind-blowing thumbnail isn’t an easy task. And, it needs a lot of time if you have no experience. If you outsource this task, it can take up to a week to create. Also, you need to pay big bucks.

Thumbnail Blaster is an amazing thumbnail generator that truly saves time for marketers. The software can save you countless hours trying to produce great thumbnails all by yourself. It is a great solution that helps you create beautiful thumbnails in simple steps. Read on the Thumbnail Blaster Review to know more about it in detail.

What Exactly Is Thumbnail Blaster?

It is a unique cloud-based application that helps you to create amazing thumbnails in just a few easy steps. Thumbnail Blaster allows you to access over 100 personalized templates for creating thumbnails. You can spit test the thumbnails inside the software to see for yourself which template suits best for your audience.

On top of that, Thumbnail Blaster is powered by an Image Analyzer. It is a kind of Artificial Intelligence that checks the images for appropriate usage of the product. This way, your videos would reach the audience effectively.

The software is available in Standard and Professional versions. With the Standard version, you can add one account at one time. However, you need to remove the current account if you want to work on videos intended for other accounts. In the Pro version, you can manage many accounts including Instagram, YouTube, and more.

The Features

Below are some of the unique features of the product:

  • It has over 100 fantastic templates-it contains click-bait and all-purpose templates. Individuals can utilize the templates suited appropriately for their niche. It assists them in generating more audiences for their videos.
  • It is easy to use the software allows people to generate mind-blowing and attention-grabbing thumbnails. They don’t have to know how photo editing tools such as photoshop or other complex devices. It is easy to use, even for beginners.
  • Drag and drop feature individuals can drag and drop images, change the size of the text, resize the image, insert new elements, among other functions. With a push of a button, a person can personalize everything without possessing design skills.
  • Design different elements- individuals do not need to spend so much on purchasing stock photos or designing components. The product has a library of templates where a person acquires high-quality images and elements of a person’s preference.
  • Directly publish to YouTube– it is straightforward to post brand new, striking thumbnail instantaneously to YouTube with the push of a button.
  • Automatic creation generates three times more traffic, hence more views to the videos and eventually driving in more leads.
  • The image analyzer-enables users to upload the thumbnails for their videos instantly. The feature analyzes everything required for their thumbnail.
  • A split test-it lets individuals make a test between two thumbnails in one video. The software modifies the thumbnail and keeps track, enabling individuals to select the thumbnail with the best results.
  • Vimeo Integration-the product works well with Vimeo, which can be used in generating video thumbnails for social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook. An individual can download the standalone thumbnail files, edit as they please and upload them.

Thumbnail Blaster Feature Review

The product emphasizes on following three simple steps to attain thumbnails, and they are as follows:

  • Select the preferred template after opening the application. Individuals should browse through the templates proposed for several topics and niches. They can choose appropriate templates for their videos or let the artificial intelligence choose the appropriate one for them.
  • Edit the selected templates-after selecting the appropriate template; individuals can now edit and design. The product contains distinct design elements and in-built tools used for designing the template. They can also utilize the drag and drop feature to add personalized images for their thumbnails. Additionally, they can let the artificial intelligence personalize the template for their utilization.
  • Publishing of the thumbnail-as soon as individuals complete the preparation, editing and designing of the templates, it is time to now publish the thumbnail. With one click, a person can post their thumbnail, and the product automatically updates the thumbnail on the youtube video.

How The Product Works

It is automatic software that utilizes high-quality, professional, attractive visitor thumbnail for a person’s YouTube videos. It is easy to use and does not threaten copyright infringements or other legal issues.

The product is user-friendly and contains readymade tools and templates that will make a person acquire the best professional video thumbnail that will aid a person get a better brand for their YouTube.

It works to quickly change a person’s ordinary photo into a stunning, expert and attractive thumbnail. The product works to ensure that individuals acquire high-quality thumbnails for their videos.

The Advantages

Below are some of the reasons why the Thumbnail Blaster is a perfect choice:

  1. It saves peoples money since they don’t have to hire expensive designers or ineffective freelancers.
  2. Its automatic creation is essential since it benefits individuals with various views, audiences and leads.
  3. A person acquires more subscribers who get notified each time a person uploads a new video.
  4. The product saves a person’s time since it automatically works; thus, it’s fast, unlike the usage of freelancers who mat spend so much time doing thumbnails.
  5. More videos ensure that individuals get more exposure.

The Bonuses

The Thumbnail Blaster is accompanied by two bonuses which are as follows:

  • Video Ranking Machine-it offers individuals the capability to rank the highest possible on Google. It only requires them to own a Thumbnail Blaster and a YouTube account.
  • Live Training Webinar-it is a free training webinar where individuals can learn what to do to acquire the best results from the product and video ranking machine.

The Targets

The product is suitable for various personalities such as social media marketers, email marketers, video marketers, designers, and SEO marketers. It assists them in creating attractive thumbnails that attract massive traffic.

In conclusion, the Thumbnail Blaster is the appropriate solution to design attractive thumbnails that will cause massive traffic in a person’s timeline. It has been an efficient method that users utilize to attract many viewers for their content.

The product’s beauty is beginner-friendly, and individuals don’t require to possess design skills. I recommended individuals looking for a means to promote their videos by attracting huge profit give the product a try.

How To Use The Thumbnail Blaster Software

If you want to create amazing thumbnails for your videos using Thumbnail Blaster, you have to follow three easy steps. Here they are explained in brief.

  • Choose the template of your choice – After you have opened the application, browse through the templates intended for a variety of topics and niches. You can select relevant templates for your videos, or you can allow the artificial intelligence to select the right one for you.
  • Edit the template you have chosen – After choosing the right template for your exact need, it is time for you to edit and design the same. With the help of different design elements and in-built tools present in Thumbnail Blaster, you can design the template. Also, you can make use of the drag and drop feature to add personalized images for your thumbnails. Or, you can allow artificial intelligence to personalize the template for your usage.
  • Publish the thumbnail – When you are done with preparing the thumbnail with the required editing and designing, it is time to publish the thumbnail. In a single click of a button, you can publish your thumbnail. It automatically updates the thumbnail on your YouTube video.

Congratulations on coming this far reading this Thumbnail Blaster review. Hopefully, you have found the information you were looking for and is now ready to take some action. This software gives you plenty of things under one roof, you can bid goodbye to unreliable freelancers and expensive designers for good. With this software, you can easily create amazing thumbnails ready to grab the attention of your viewers.

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